Artist Profile: Pusha-T

Artist Profile
Pusha-T has forged a career out of an almost monk-like devotion to noir coke raps and rap’s most distinctive, sneering flow. While his attention is usually focused on finding new and creative ways to augment his claim of being the rap game’s most prolific IRL drug dealer (“The only rapper sold more drugs than me was Eazy-E,” is a boast made amidst his ethering of Drake on “Infrared”), his bonafides as a proper scold of those he considers soft are beyond question. Push may be your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, but he’s also one of the few guys that can credibly claim to have an undefeated record.

Noted beefs:
– Consequence
– Birdman (Baby)
– Lil Wayne
– Drake

Career Highlight:
The Drake-leveling clusterbomb that is “The Story of Adidon” is one of raps most vicious, dense attacks, notable for both the breadth and depth of its attacks. But in what may end up being the most holistic slaughter of another rapper we’ve ever seen, Push managed to make the most impactful statement with the “cover art” for the internet-only track, which featured a photo of Drake in blackface from a long-ago photo shoot. That image turned out to be so incendiary that it led to another first in the history of rap beefs: Drake responded with a fucking press release, described by The Root thusly: Drake Dropping a Press Release During a Rap Battle Is the Whitest Thing That Ever Happened This Week.