Jacquees Surprises Dreezy With A Room Filled With Rose Pedals

It was only one month ago that Dreezy declared she was single with one tweet that stated her relationship status. There was no word on why she and Jacquees ended things but it’s all in the past now since a new video shows Dreezy entering her apartment that’s filled with endless rose pedals by yours truly. As seen in the clip below, the pedals are literally everywhere leaving a big smile on Dreezy’s face.  

Dreezy previously opened up about Jacquees and how he can be taken as a joke due to his social media ways, but underneath all of that is someone is real. 

“When I met him, I’m like, ‘Oh, you a real person. Like, you got a mama, you got bills, you running a whole business,’ This shit not easy,” she explained. “I know firsthand ’cause I’m an artist. To kinda step around his world and his career and see how he handle it, I got nothing but respect for it.”

Dreezy and Jacquees showcased their romance on-screen when Dreezy starred in his “Who’s” video from earlier in the summer – check it out below.

Five Gang Members Receive Life Sentences For Murder Of “Junior” Guzman-Feliz

Remember the tragic story of 15-year old Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz, who was senselessly murdered last year when a group of gang members stabbed him in a NYC bodega and dragged him out onto the street in a case of mistaken identity? Well it tuns out all five members of the gang were handed up to life sentences for that murder today.

According to the New York Times, Manuel Rivera, 19, was sentenced to 23 years to life prison, while his co-defendants—Antonio Rodriguez Hernandez Santiago, 25; Jose Muniz, 23; and Elvin Garcia, 25—received 25 years to life. The heaviest sentence was handed to Jonaiki Martinez Estrella, 25, who allegedly plunged a knife into Guzman-Feliz’s neck, ultimately killing him. He received life in prison without parole.

“You and your fellow gang members chased down and slaughtered a 15-year-old, defenseless boy in the most gruesome manner and we in this courtroom had the misfortune of witnessing it on tape,” the judge said. “You destroyed a young life, condemned his family and yours to a lifetime of pain and despair.”

The Times reports eight other defendants are awaiting trial.

“They killed an innocent child,” Feliz-Guzman’s mom, Leandra Feliz, said. “Of all these men, not a single one of them said, ‘No, no, don’t do it.’ That night, there were two deaths, Junior and I, who was left dead inside. As a young boy, my son dreamed of becoming a detective, so he could protect this city…Please make sure my son’s dreams come true. These killers should never be able to step out of a jail cell, so they know the moment they killed my son, they took their own lives, as well.”


Drake Decks Out His Toronto Home For Son’s 2nd Birthday: “Happy Birthday King”

Drake’s sweet baby boy Adonis turns the tender age of two today and the singer’s baby mama Sophie Brussaux has already shared the news with her Instagram followers with a throwback image from when she was pregnant. “Today, it’s been 2 years I was having 50-sec contractions every 3 min for 24 hours man…all worth it,” she captioned an image of her growing belly.

While Drake has always remained mute and private when it comes to his family matters, the “Feel No Ways” music maker couldn’t help but show love to his offspring by sharing an image of his baby’s birthday decorations that are seemingly at his Toronto penthouse. As seen below, Drake decked out his home in gold balloons and just one Elmo fixture for his little man’s big day. “Happy Birthday King 💙,” he captioned the post. 

“I am a single father learning to communicate with a woman who, you know, we’ve had our moments,” Drake previously stated of Sophie. “I do want to be able to explain to my son what happened.”

He added: “But I don’t have any desire for him to like, not love his mother, or I don’t ever want the world to be angry at his mother. We have found ourselves in a situation, and we are both equally responsible.”

Justin Bieber Flexes Bars, Channels 50 Cent’s “Many Men” In New Song Preview

Justin Bieber’s growth as an artist has been exceptional if I do say so myself. In the past few years, he’s been in his bag musically, dabbling in genres from across the world and more. Bieber’s undoubtedly a talented individual — he can play numerous instruments, sing, and he’s even showcased a few bars over the years.

In a recent posting to his Instagram Story, the Canadian pop singer previewed some new music while cheffin’ up in the lab and it appears that he snuck in a quick sample of a classic 50 Cent record into the song. On the hook, the rapper interpolates 50 Cent’s “Many Men” over a dreary 808-driven instrumental.

This single isn’t your regular Biebs single, though. He isn’t flexing his vocal chops but rather, showcasing his abilities as an emcee while addressing some personal issues such as depression. “My life is like the movie, The Incredibles/ They put me on some medicine/ Never thought my depression would depend on it,” he raps on the song. 

We probably won’t end up hearing the song on any forthcoming project. He clarified that he was just messing around but personally, I think Bieber should bring out Biebervelli for frequently on wax. “Not album stuff just messing around while Haileys doing something video stuff in the otter room… it is tight though MANY MEN,” he wrote on his IG story. 

Young Thug & Lil Uzi Vert Showcase Their Rich Lifestyle In “What’s The Move” Video

Young Thug is currently on the road for his Justin Bieber Big Tour with Machine Gun Kelly by his side. For those who weren’t able to catch the action on stage, Young has come through to drop off a music video from his latest So Much Fun album and it’s for the 9th Lil Uzi Vert featured single, “What’s The Move.”

The visual seemingly showcases a little bit of Young Thug’s behind the scenes lifestyle – sexy ladies, bills, nice cars and the finest fits any rapper has seen. Lil Uzi Vert gets a taste of how Young’s livin’ when he comes in for his verse and the duo are seen jumping on hoods of different cars before ending the night at a strip club. 

Young Thug’s album is still sitting pretty at #8 on the Billboard 200 chart with single placements on the Billboard 100. Stream the new video and let us know what you think. 

Chance The Rapper Drops Off Official “We Go High” Video

Chance The Rapper’s beloved debut album The Big Day arrived back in July and came equipped with 22 singles and some strong features from DaBaby, John Legend, Ari Lennox, Megan Thee Stallion, Gucci Mane and tons more. One of the most standout tracks is hands down “We Go High” that depicts the ups and downs of Chance’s relationship with his wife, Kirsten Corley.

The video has touched on the latter as the five-minute Elijah Alvarado-directed clip depicts Chance’s partner finding his skeletons in the closet forcing her to leave. As he hits the road solo he faces different views and emotions but by the end, they come back together with a stronger foundation and a crew of people rallying behind them. 

“There’s a caricature of me that’s, like, I only make happy songs or songs for babies and stuff like that,” Chance previously stated of his legacy. “In fact, I make a lot of sad songs. Like a lot, a lot of sad songs. A lot of slower melancholy songs on most of my projects. I think I’ve always made music about death.”

So far the video is only made available on Instagram. Stream the new-new above and let us know what you think.

Republican Sheriff Candidate Admits To Wearing Blackface: “That Was A Different Time”

Craig Stivender is a firefighter based in Colleton County, South Carolina who’s choosing to be an open book as he runs for the Colleton County sheriff position. Craig began his campaign by addressing his past mistakes for transparency reasons and shared an image from a time he dressed in Blackface as a Big Meech costume.

“Basically if I’m going to run on honesty and integrity, I’m willing to put out things bad about me,” he told NPR. Craig said he chose the costume because he’s a police officer and he wanted to be something completely opposite – an infamous drug kingpin.

“I did it to disparage a criminal whose actions hurt our community and country,” Craig added. “That was a different time. Today we understand that type of costume is troubling to many. To those who may be upset, I understand your disappointment. But I value honesty, so I’m opening my campaign with transparency.”

Craig detailed how there was no racial bias behind his costume and if there was he wouldn’t have attended the Halloween party with a Black woman, who didn’t have a problem with his Blackface. The election that Craig is running in takes place in November 2020. 

Kid Cudi Track Bracket Finals: “Day N Night” Vs. “Soundtrack 2 My Life”

You guys have been participating all week and finally, it’s time for us to crown the winner of our Kid Cudi track bracket. The iconic Cleveland emcee has influenced so many of today’s artists with his distinct melodies, his unique humming and his imaginative lyrics. Truly crafting a classic album in Man On The Moon, Scott Mescudi gained many of his fans early on. His later work with Kanye West on Kids See Ghosts and all other recent additions to his discography have also been special but MOTM holds a dear place in every Cudi fan’s heart. We’re not sure how the stans are going to react to this but everyone’s votes are in and we’ve officially entered the final round.

Two of Cudder’s biggest career stand-out records are on the voting papers for today. Completing our bracket, you now have the option of choosing between “Day ‘N’ Night,” one of the superstar’s most popular songs ever, and “Soundtrack 2 My Life,” a cult favourite. It will be difficult to choose which track earns the crown but, when it’s all said and done, a champion needs to be crowned.

So… what will you vote for? “Day ‘N’ Night” or “Soundtrack 2 My Life?” To vote, head over to our Instagram page, follow us and watch our stories. You’ll be able to participate in the poll from there. Have fun!

Danny Brown “Uknowhatimsayin¿” Review

By the time Danny Brown’s third studio album, Old, came around, he was already fielding suggestions from fans and peers that he should return to his original form. “They want that Old Danny Brown/ To bag up and sell a whole pound/ Might have to go and bring the braids back” he raps viciously over a gutter boom-bap instrumental on 2013’s “Side A.” The follow-up Atrocity Exhibition, was even more daring production-wise but even as he pushed the boundaries with maniacal psychedelia, he never compromised his pen nor the fundamentals of hip-hop.

Q-Tip, however, forced Danny Brown into his original form on the Detroit rapper’s fifth studio album, Uknowhatimsayin¿. Danny Brown doesn’t stray away from the obscure samples and electronic influence per se, but with Q-Tip serving as the executive producer of the project, Danny’s focus is solely on rapping while the ATCQ member found a middle-ground between his own unorthodox approach to jazz-based production and Danny Brown’s penchant for obscurity. Danny’s always been a student of the game, first and foremost. As much as he’s been championed for his left-field approach, he’s littered breadcrumbs of a hip-hop purist through his penmanship. Q-Tip’s assistance on this project makes Danny’s vision as a writer on uknowhatimsayin¿ effortlessly clear.

Danny’s carefully witted punchlines and sense of dark humor mixed with social commentary and vulnerable lyrics makes Uknowhatimsayin¿ feel like a culmination of all of the work he’s put in over the past twelve years, and then some. The stories that were once told from a first-person perspective — his days in the trap to his drug-fueled sexcapades — are recounted with bits of humor and charm that only he could pull off. His penmanship is better, his storytelling is tighter, and his punchlines still draws from ridiculous pop culture references like when he pays homage to Lil B and Roy Orbison in the same breath on “Savage Nomad.”

Returning to the fundamentals of art doesn’t mean Danny Brown comfortable. He even admitted to us in our recent interview that he had to re-learn how to rap, in a sense. However, he isn’t playing it safe more so than he emits confidence, rapping as he kicks his feet up and looking back on the darker days with a grin. There’s a comfort in the tone of his voice, even as he stretches it, something that wasn’t present on previous projects. “Came from the sewer where hot dogs were boiled/ Up in the same spot, unc’ cooked the rock,” he raps poetically on “Best Life,” the second single released off of Uknowhatimsayin¿ Q-Tip’s dreamy soul sample sits above a grimy bassline. Danny gruff voice heard from The Hybrid returns as he reflects on losing his childhood purity to the streets, admitting, “Jumpin’ off the porch, really, I wasn’t ready for it.” 

Even as Danny inches towards the age of 40, nearly a decade after breaking out with XXX, he sounds at ease telling these stories in the form of lessons learned rather than regrets. He’s rubbed shoulders with comedians like Joey Diaz and Hannibal Burress in the three-year gap since his last album, and, as a master of punchlines, he’s refined his timing and cadences to embrace a stand-up approach to his storytelling. When he defecates on the new generation of rappers, claiming his title as hip-hop’s quintessential oddball, he cracks a dad joke with crude humor simultaneously. “Yeah he dance good, but guess where he got the moves?/ But compared to me, he look like he wear two left shoes/ Boy, I treat them lil’ virgins like the restroom/ Take my hand and dance with the devil,” he raps on “Theme Song.”

Each album marks a new era in Danny Brown’s career — both in his look and in his sound. Uknowhatimsayin¿ isn’t about Danny Brown reinventing himself or his sound in any way. Q-Tip’s consistency since the 90s has made him one of the most trustworthy producers and rappers in hip-hop. So, who better than to guide Danny Brown back to his roots as an MC? With Tip driving the boat, Danny Brown finds himself returning to his original form with wisdom, humor, and comfort.

MoneyBagg Yo Grabs Handful Of Megan Thee Stallion’s Booty: “Let Me Touch It”

Cardi B and Offset are currently up against Megan Thee Stallion and MoneyBagg Yo as hip-hop fans determine who the touchiest, the raunchiest and the most affectionate power couple is today. Since it’s Cardi B’s birthday, she and her Migos partner likely get the edge. Especially after Offset shared a video of them making out in different spots this afternoon. Megan Thee Stallion and MoneyBagg Yo are giving them a run for their money though, fighting back with a sexy new upload of their own.

The newly-minted A-list couple has been sharing sultry posts for the last couple of months as fans try and determine if they’re dating or not. Now, the writing is basically on the wall. They are very much a couple and this photo helps prove that. Promoting their new joint single “All Dat,” Southern rapper MoneyBagg Yo included a photo of himself and Hot Girl Meg in a warm embrace on his social media accounts. “Wat U Doin Wit All Dat A** Let Me Touch It,” asked the star, doing just that in the image. Young Tina Snow rocks purple tresses and a fancy hat in the pic.

Do you think Bagg and Meg will last or are they destined for failure? They seem to have great chemistry, both in the studio and out of it. We’re wishing them the best of luck.